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Pineapple Habanero Salsa Chipotle Salsa Cilantro Lime Salsa Hot
The sweetest chunks of Pineapple combined with the flavorful heat of the West Indie Red Habanero. Great on Chicken, Pork, or Fish.
Our Gluten Free Southwest Style Chipotle Salsa is the best salsa you'll ever find. We combine smoky New Mexico Chipotle Peppers with a thick hearty salsa base to form a truly authentic salsa.
Loaded with fresh cilantro and complimented with the fresh taste of lime. This is the freshest tasting salsa you'll ever get right out of the jar.
Hot Salsa Ghost Pepper Salsa Stupid Hot Salsa
Hot Salsa
: $7.00

This non-chunky salsa is made with crushed sweet tomatoes, and hot jalapenos. *Onion Free The Ghost pepper is combined with the sweet heat of Sriracha Sauce to give your taste buds the fiery experience they really want. Great as a dip or a marinade. Banging on tacos for the perfect Taco Tuesday delight. Has the punch of the Carolina Reaper but still packed with flavor. Plus its gluten free!
Caution: Extremely Spicy
The Four Horsemen Salsa Popular Picks 5 Pack Tongues of Fire 5 Pack
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: $35.00
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a fiery Combo with Four of the Worlds Hottest Peppers: Carolina Reaper,
7 Pot Lava Red, Trinidad Scorpion, and Chocolate Naga Viper.
Our Most Popular Salsas.
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